Summer Enrichment Program

The Summer Enrichment Program (SEP) is an enhanced, 4 weeks experience which introduces underpriviledged youth to new experiences. 



Youth Anti-Violence

The Stop the Violence initiative educates youth and families to provide alternative activities that are more conducive to becoming productive members of society.  The short-term goals are to engage between 150 to 200 youth in the program offerings.  The intermediate goal is to assure that all youth are free from both aggressive responses and victimization.



Tutoring for Success

We are committed to empowering students to reach their full potential. Through our Tutoring for Success Program, we are able to equip students with additional resources and coaching to help them gain admittance into highly competitive colleges. 



Scholarship Program

Future Successors is all about helping youth to succeed! We provide small scholarships to high school seniors looking to attend a 4-year College or University. From application fees to moving expenses, we're here to invest in their future. 


Business Minds Program 

After school program that creates business projects and engages with business leaders on-site of their professional locations, in addition to job shadowing opportunities.


Youth Career and Business Expo

Our goal is to equip our youth with the knowledge and resources needed to maximize on career opportunities in Atlanta and other cities' booming economy. We want to boarden their perspective about successful careers and swift their beliefs about how to dream BIG!